Kids' Space Child Advocacy Center

Helping children heal from abuse while holding offenders accountable

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"I Believe You!"

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Support of a loved one can make a big difference in the life of a child abuse victim. Begin the healing with those three words. Less than 3% of children lie about being a victim of child sexual abuse.


Partner in Prevention

Kids’ Space has a Darkness to Light facilitator on staff! Child sexual abuse is too common, we can’t afford to ignore it.

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Play it Safe!

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Funded by The City of Muskogee Foundation, Kids' Space's Play it Safe Abuse Prevention Education reached over 2,700 children in Muskogee Schools last year. We're ready to do it again! Let's keep our children safe by teaching them ONE GRADE AT A TIME!

Our Story

Who We Are

Kids’ Space has been growing over the past few years in order to meet the needs of more children in our community. In 2011 Kids’ space provided services to approximately 300 child abuse victims. In 2016 Kids’ Space provided services to 840 child abuse victims. We’ve introduced new services based off community need, such as Drug Endangered Children’s Services, “Play it Safe” Children’s Prevention Education and Internet Crimes Against Children. We now have 6 full time employees and co-locate with Law Enforcement from the Muskogee Police Department, two Trauma Focused Therapists and Indian Child Welfare.

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Summer Safety Tip!

Write your number on your child’s arm next time you’re in a crowded waterpark, then cover it with liquid band-aid. If they get lost they can show the number to a waterpark employee.

Volunteer with us!

Looking for something to do this summer? Call our office and ask about our volunteer opportunities for the summer! We will put you to work!

Learn about Prevention

We provide prevention classes for children as well as adults! Call our office to request a facilitator!