Client Stories

I came to Kids’ Space in August of 2012. At first I didn’t know anyone, but I thought the toys were cool and everyone I met was really nice. The first time I came here I met a lady who asked me lots of questions in front of itty bitty cameras. Then I met a really nice, tall lady who was my Kids’ Space nurse and made me feel safe and listened really good to my story. I met a lot of new friends through Kids’ Space who all believed my story even when some of my own family called me a liar. At Kids’ Space I got a therapist and my favorite friend the girl who watched me while my parents were at their Kids’ Space Class. My friends introduced me to someone named District Attorney and I never had to go to court because, in the end, the person who hurt me finally told the truth! They were the liar. Maybe now others will believe me! If they don’t then I don’t care because Kids’ Space and mommy always believed me and now I have a voice to tell my true story forever.

 Kids’ Space Client, Age 6

No one knew what I was going through. I was embarrassed, I felt alone, betrayed by someone who was supposed to love me the most… my dad. He hurt me almost everyday while my mom was at work. I waited almost 2 years before I finally told my mom what was happening. She called a place called Kids’ Space to ask them what we should do. I was so nervous that this secret I had been keeping was finally out! Kids’ Space gave my mom instructions on what steps to take next. I went to Kids’ Space the next day to have what they call a Forensic Interview. I was scared to even go to Kids’ Space but once I was there I felt okay. The people there made me feel like I was brave! I told my story in the interview and then I had an exam with a very nice lady who was a special nurse. I didn’t know what an advocate was before I went to Kids’ Space, I learned that it is someone who believes in me and helps me and my mom feel like everything will be okay.  When the day came that I had to face my dad in court I asked my advocate to go with me. She also helped me write my dad a letter to tell him how I felt about what he did to me. I got to read my letter in front of a judge, it made me feel like I was believed! And that I was strong! My dad went to jail, he can’t hurt me anymore. Sometimes me and my mom still call Kids’ Space just to talk and tell them how I am doing.

 Kids’ Space Client, Age 16

I live at home with my mommy, baby sister, grannie and Uncle. I don’t like being at home because my uncle is there. I told my mom about my uncle and she took us to this really cool place called Kids’ Space. They had a room there with a really big blue chair that I got to sit in and tell a nice lady about my Uncle and how he was a very bad man who hurt me and my baby sister. I marked on a piece of paper where it was not okay for someone to touch! After I talked to that lady I saw a nurse, but it wasn’t like going to the doctor’s office I don’t like going to see the doctor. I saw the nurse at Kids’ Space too. There were birds on the walls there and I got to hold a teddy bear and cover up with a pretty blankie that I got to take home. I guess the people at Kids’ Space told the police what my uncle did to me and my baby sister because when we got back home my uncle wasn’t there anymore. Mommy said he went to jail for hurting us. She said that I never had to be around him again. Kids’ Space gave me a person called a therapist. I like him, I tell him about how I was scared and sad and now I tell him I’m happy. I don’t dream of bad stuff anymore.

 Kids’ Space Clients, Ages 6 and 2