Hearts of Kids’ Space What it means to become a HEART of Kids’ Space

What it means

In 2015 we served over 700 children in our community who were victims of abuse. The children we serve are newborn to 18 years old. On average, it costs approximately $800 for each child we serve. We not only provide forensic interviewing, therapy and medical exams but we are the driving force behind each child’s case and road to recovery. In most of these cases, it is a child’s word against an adult’s word but it doesn’t have to be! We are there for them. There is NO COST to the families that come to us for help. We work along side of Child Protective Services, Law Enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office. It is because of our donors and community support that we are able to provide our community’s child abuse victims with the services and support they need. Being a “HEART” of Kids’ Space is making a donation to our organization that allows us to continue our work.


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National Children’s Alliance

Please help us provide the BEST services to our community's child abuse victims by becoming a "HEART" of Kid's Space

Our Financial Donor Wall

The Hearts of Kids’ Space wall is a display at our center that honors members of our community that have given $10,000 or more at one time to Kids’ Space.

Kids’ Space takes pride in the level of involvement from our community. Muskogee’s care and concern for child abuse survivors and their non-offending parents is generous and unending. We are always grateful for donations of any kind and any size and are supported year in and year out by the accumulation of smaller donations by many folks. However, every once in a while we receive a donation for $10,000 or more and add those donors’ names to our Hearts of Kids’ Space wall.

  • Lake Area United Way
  • National Children’s Alliance
  • Bill & Ann Bois                                      
  • Wesley & Parris Boies                            
  • Cherokee Nation                                   
  • City of Muskogee Foundation                 
  • Joel Cousins & Frank Medearis               
  • Charlene & Dan Flick         
  • Paul & Cindy Glover                           
  • Kevin & Tammy Hern Family Trust
  • Dr. Tim & Kaia Holder
  • Kirschner Foundation
  • Harry, Carlene & Mike Leonard
  • Robert & Sandy Locke
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Miller II
  • V. David & Billie Lynn Miller
  • John & Lori Moore
  • Muskogee Exchange Club
  • Muskogee Rotary Club
  • Yee Se & Ann Barker Ong
  • Mark & Gail Pearson
  • Dr. Timothy & Lela Robison
  • Sarkey’s Foundation
  • Charlene Pruden Schoeppel
  • Jacki Adair-Smith & Scott Smith
  • Geraldine Kay Stokes
  • David & Nita Thompson
  • In Memory of Robert B. Thompson
  • Marie Walker
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bill Warner
  • Mike & Dale Webb
  • Robert & Dona Yaffe
  • Ryker, Tina & Meagan Young
  • George & Kathy Farmer