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Working Together to Make a Difference

Our Children’s Advocacy Center works in partnership with all the necessary agencies and specialists to coordinate a plan of action.

Together, we work with police, prosecutors, social workers, advocates, medical and mental health professionals and others to provide high-quality, specialized services for abused children and their families. What’s more, we provide many of our services in the comfort and convenience of our child- friendly location.

Helping abused children and their families requires an approach that addresses the physical, emotional and legal dimensions of abuse. And it requires a coordinated response from expert professionals to reduce stress throughout the investigation and intervention process.

What We Can Do

Services provided by Kids' Space

Forensic Interviewing

Child-friendly, recorded interviews conducted in a neutral, fact-finding manner by trained interviewers. Assists with the investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases.

Darkness to Light Prevention Education

Nationally recognized prevention program designed to teach those who work closely with children about the reality of abuse, how to spot the signs and how to react responsibly. Assists community members to help prevent and reduce child abuse in our community.

Medical Exams

Physical exams performed in a safe environment by trained and certified medical professionals to assist in gathering information and evidence pertaining to child abuse cases, as well as for adult sexual assault cases in Muskogee County.

Non-Offending Caregiver Program

Our Family/Victim Advocate Teaches parents/ guardians of abused children about the issues surrounding sexual abuse and how to best support their children in the aftermath of victimization. We stand along side these caregivers through a difficult time while answering any questions they may have about the prosecution process or their child’s recovery.

Court School

Child-friendly educational class that teaches children about the court process. Assists children in understanding courtroom language and procedures. Helps to empower the child through preparation and ease their pretrial anxiety.

Protective Parenting Class

Court Ordered class that teaches parents/guardians the issues surrounding sexual abuse and how to better protect their children in the future.

While we try to teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is all about